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  • Sharktoof, NYC
  • Maser, Urban Lover, Belfast
  • id-iom, I Remember When, London
  • Becca Hits Los Angeles
  • MAR, 'Rainbow Guardian', Portugal
Sharktoof, NYC

emore by Sharktoof. artist: Sharktoof location: Bushwick, NYC image by Jake Dobkin Tweet

Maser, Urban Lover, Belfast
id-iom, I Remember When, London

From id-iom: 'With the seemingly endless stream of development around London town and the proliferation of advertising messages on just about every conceivable surface which are forced into our brain (without our permission) on a daily basis it’s sometimes nice to strike back with a simple message to bring a bit of levity to an otherwise tedious day.' Also, check out Banksy's Detroit piece. artist: id-iom location: London Tweet
Becca Hits Los Angeles
This is on the LA River. There are 11 new Becca pieces around LA (see 'the Orange girl'); check out Jetset Graffiti for more. See more by Becca. artist: Becca location: Los Angeles images via Jetset Graffiti Tweet
MAR, 'Rainbow Guardian', Portugal

From MAR: "The name is"The Rainbow Guardian"and the house is "The Stories Factory"; its a partnership with the council and several schools in the city, where the kids interact with elements inside that house." See more by MAR. artist: MAR location: Portugal Tweet

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