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Gaia, Atlanta
Posted: 16 Aug 2011 11:00 PM PDT
From the Living Walls event; see all Gaia's locations in Atlanta. See more by Gaia. artist: Gaia location: Atlanta Tweet
Posted: 16 Aug 2011 03:17 PM PDT
See more by Hyuro. artist: Hyuro location: San Pedro, Argentina Tweet
Posted: 16 Aug 2011 08:06 AM PDT
See more by Zoo Project. artist: Zoo Project location: Paris images by Vitostreet Tweet

Fauxreel, Gaspesia: Les Portraits en Papier
Posted: 22 Aug 2011 10:54 PM PDT
The large-scale portraits in Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier represent former employees of Papiers Gaspesia, a pulp and paper mill founded in 1912 by Percy Milton Chandler in Chandler, Quebec. Named for the mill’s founder, the port city’s economy and social organization depended heavily upon this industry. In 1999, Papiers Gaspesia’s closure was announced and, despite a government-sponsored infusion of roughly $400 million, it is now set for demolition. The closure of the mill has had a profound effect upon the people of Chandler. Widespread unemployment, the permanent and temporary migration of workers outside of the city, the separation of families and subsequent increased rate of divorce, and the ground and water pollution left from the plant are just some of the economic, social and environmental problems created by the closure. Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier literally puts a human face on the industrial remains of Papiers Gaspesia. Portraits of the former mill and forest workers are installed on the front of the mill and on the mill’s oil tanks. While these men and the story of the mill are well known in the community, the deteriorating mill itself has been the only public memorial to the pride, grief and frustration those affected by the closure feel. The images of these workers now mark the physical structures of the mill and lay claim to its history and to its continuing impact on Chandler. One of the subjects, Serge Soucy, remarked that you could see his “eyes were crying for the mill” when he saw his own 30 foot face on the Papiers Gaspesia’s oil tank. Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier was commissioned by Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie as part of their annual photography festival in conjunction with the city of Chandler, Quebec. See more by Fauxreel. artist: Fauxreel location: Quebec, Canada


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YOU ASKED FOR IT "the antics roadshow" BaNkSy

Thievery corp. & Chuck Brown "The Numbers Game"


  Cockglocks on tumblr  Graf  by Taboo
Daily Graffiti: Haunter pixel graffiti by gameboyone. Glad to see her doing more Pokémon pieces.
If you haven’t already, check out our interview with gameboyone RIGHT HERE!
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Fintan Magee, Vulture, Brisbane
Posted: 09 Aug 2011 08:12 AM PDT
artist: Fintan Magee location: Brisbane, Australia Tweet
Nelio in Strasbourg, Bologna + Marseille
Posted: 09 Aug 2011 07:46 AM PDT
Anamorphosis, Strasbourg Marseille Bologna See more by Nelio. artist: Nelio location: Strasbourg, Bologna, Marseille

Dj Hymn

Some incredible links to great new artists from our friends at Unurth Street Art!!

'Me and two friends are into urban exploring, so on a recent rampage to Berlin we had to head out to Beelitz - an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of the city. We spent a good day exploring the premises, entering the boarded-up houses by climbing facades and finding weird basement connections. We were surprised to find art so far off the beaten path - the sudden appearance of beautiful pieces in an unspoiled and inaccessible, albeit rapidly decaying environment, seemed to defy all logic. Some of the wheatpastes were not even dry yet. As far as I can tell and our local connections could tell us, the pieces are by Anthony Lister (spray), Flohr (brown paper).' artists: Anthony Lister + Flohr location: Beelitz Hospital, Berlin, Germany thank you Niklas Schwarts. images by Christian.

Specter was in Paris for a show at Since.Upian in July. See more by Specter. artist: Specter location: Paris Tweet

Posted: 04 Aug 2011 10:12 PM PDT
Posted: 04 Aug 2011 08:06 AM PDT
Posted: 04 Aug 2011 07:24 AM PDT
See more by Liqen. artists: Liqen + Doa location: Guadalajara, Mexico Tweet