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Zilda + Ro, Palimpseste, Rennes

Yes , ... this is Graffiti seems to good ...but hey welcome to France ! Got Graffiti?

Zilda -Paris

Acrylic + oils on paper. See more by Zilda. artist: Zilda location: Paris
Zilda "Escaping Criticism"-Paris

Nespoon -Poland

Stencils + porcelain. See more by Nespoon. artist: Nespoon location: Poland

Quel Beast -San Francisco

'Bruises Fade & Lightning Aches"

After a line in a Richard Brautigan poem. artist: Quel Beast location: San Francisco

Mr. Brainwash Los Angeles

It seems Mr. Brainwash is celebrating Exit Through the Gift Shop's Oscar nomination. Given the movie is less than flattering for his artistic credibility, I can only assume he's taking a view that any attention is good attention. And with his artwork selling for thousands, even after the movie, maybe he proves that concept. See more by Mr. Brainwash. artist: Mr. Brainwash location: Los Angeles

Labrona Sao Paulo

This was done as part of Street Art Without Borders. See more by Labrona. artist: Labrona location: Sao Paolo 

Stinkfish & Emol

Stinkfish /Bogota Columbia

another great wall by Emol. artist: Emol location: Aracaju City, Brazil