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Zoo Project -Tunisian Revolution

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Posted: 06 Apr 2011 03:27 PM PDT
Zoo Project is in Tunisia, creating work celebrating the Tunisian Revolution and the people that made it happen - particularly the 200+ people that died. They ended the 23-year reign of despot Ben Ali (and his RCD party), and sparked revolutions across the region. This is the first time there's been any web presence for Paris-based Zoo Project - check out the website. See more by Zoo Project. artist: Zoo Project location: Tunis, Tunisia Tweet

Klone,Aris, & Laguna

Klone, Tel Aviv
Posted: 07 Apr 2011 08:34 AM PDT
See more by Klone. artist: Klone location: Tel Aviv Tweet
Aris, Berlin
Posted: 07 Apr 2011 08:34 AM PDT
Laguna, Spain
Posted: 07 Apr 2011 08:34 AM PDT

Phelgm -Manchester

Phlegm, Manchester

See more by Phlegm.