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Turning back the Clock ...

Got Graffiti ? our first post's re-visited for 2011..
These first pics are of urban art in the ultra conservative city I live in the first pics I posted that inspired me to continue and document this evolving constantly changing and dangerous art. Not only do I see its value and over the many years its grand influence on culture here and abroad  but it has only strengthened my belief that it is FINE ART and deserves our appreciation and deserves  another fine artist ...myself to (like many others) give it the documentation and respect of what I'm doing ..
that is putting it in the light of my lens for others who couldn't or wouldn't ever be in these places to see them . and Got Graffiti? was born ...a non-profit,so far... urban artblog for urban artists and their fans to freely share and love this fine artistry as much as I ...wanna help...!!!???  or add work please do its a open forum ...If you are a subscriber I'm adding a feature just for you TBA soon thanks for all the LOve and keep creating and leaving beauty wherever and whenever possible and from us the fans that you never get to see until your a Shepard Fairy Let me say "We know how you suffer and sacrifice for this mostly unrewarded art...WE THANK YOU and see you and your art and we LOVE IT your the flame the world crowds around stop for no-one and nothing .... Thanks for keeping it real and send us your work