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Posted: 27 Dec 2011 10:06 AM PST
Unurth is not about popularity; often it's almost the opposite - it's more interesting to find the artists doing really great work than posting the big names all the time. But it's also interesting to see what people are responding to, so here are the most popular posts from 2011. Compare and contrast to 2010's favorites. people from 203 countries and 18,359 cities visited this year. thanks to everyone that contributed, it's been a lot of fun. happy 2012. Tweet
Posted: 27 Dec 2011 09:57 AM PST
"la proprieté c´est le vol" (J. P Proudhon) [Property is theft] image by G+W Mitosis At the Université de Science et Sports de Besançon Mental power / Poder mental fill a glass of water with the mind At the Université de Science et Sports de Besançon See more by Escif. artist: Escif location: Besançon, France Tweet


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Posted: 12 Jan 2012 11:06 AM PST
Valencia At Nuart, Norway See more by Hyuro. artist: Hyuro location: Valencia, Spain Tweet
Posted: 12 Jan 2012 11:06 AM PST
La Tortue, Torino, Northern Italy. July 2011. Invitation of La Fabrica. Thanks to Matteo and Pixel. Paris, Mid June 2011 Invitation of 'Le Mur Association', Rue de Oberkampf, edition no. 100 of the project that runs for a few years in Rue de Oberkampf Image by Lepublicnme and special thx to Gauthier + Bob Kreuzberg -Nature Morte- Manteuffelstraße / Oranienstraße, Berlin - July 2011 Thx to Skalitzer Gallery; Image by JUST Decaying Deer, Campobasso, Southern Italy, July 2011. Draw the Line Festival. Thanks to Stefano and the Malatesta familia, the Ferrazzano expressos, Pixel and Eme. Atlanta, Georgia; August 2011; Living Walls Conference Thanks to Olive, Keith, Monica Ram Skull on goat farm in Georgia Cologne, Germany; September 2011. Cityleaks Festival many thanks to Anne and John Rotting Eel. Copenhagen, Denmark; August 2011. Festival Galore (Toftegårds place in Valby). Special thanks to Lints! Siebensterngasse 'Le Penseur' (Squirrel Skeleton) Westbahnstrasse (fox and rabbit) Vienna; August 2011 - during my stay at the MQ Vienna on invitation of Inoperable Squirrel; Albany NY, Living Walls 2011 thanks to Samson Contompasis the Great! Image by the wonderful Luna Park. Wynwood Walls, Miami Image by Martha Cooper; thanks to Meghan & Teddy, Martha, Joeys' pizzas and the Wynwood walls team. See more by ROA. artist: ROA locations: Paris, Berlin, Cologne, Campobasso, Turin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Albany, Miami Tweet